LingTECHguistics* is the term I coined for my philosophy of teaching:  Combining resources already available with Web 2.0 technologies to enable the highest possible exposure to .

LingTECHguistics* theoretical frameworks include Chamot and O’Malley’s Cognitive Academic Learning Approach (CALLA), and Krashen’s Natural Language Hypothesis.

LingTECHguistics* research-based methodologies are based in part, but not entirely, in the increasing use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)  methods, and in the 21st century skills taxonomy available at


  1. Finally an awesome site!!! This is the best and most complete site I have seen so far on FLES. Your research is current. I can refer to your site alone for teaching.

  2. I really want to congratulate you on all your hard work. This website really opened my mind about the psychology of teaching and learning. If I ever get around to becoming a teacher/professor someday I would like to use the techniques used by you. Very enlightening, thanks!

  3. I really enjoyed this website. One of my childhood dreams was to be a professor and in all honesty this website brings back inspiration for me to pursue the goal of becoming a teacher, to teach to make a difference.

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