Have a Low Carb Weekend!

Here are some ideas to keep it low-carb/ Paleo this weekend.  It is easy! Just look over some of these recommendations and you can stick to your plan easily and deliciously!Hellooo, CHICKEN WINGS!  Don’t forget that low carb dieting can be a lot of fun. Take advantage of the many options we have these days!GRILL OUT Who could EVER say no to a steak cooked to perfection? Delicious with mashed cauliflower and butter, this is a feast for people who love to eat and look good at the same time. GOING FOR A DRINK OR TWO? Try these cocktails, know for low carb content and, well, potent results. Check out this great artic by PeaceLoveandLowCarb.com  FRY UP! Try delicious olive oil with truffles and fry up some delicious cubed pork pieces with skin, also known as “chicarrones.”  Sea-salt them and deep fry them. They keep crunch and moisture without the need of breading!EAT SEAFOOD! Juicy, seared scallops, shrimp cocktails, lobster tails. Need we ask for more? Slide in an ocasional crisp fruit for a balanced meal that can satisfy all your flavor needs. DONT FORGET BREAKFAST!

Source: Have a Low Carb Weekend!

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