Allergic to your cooking oil? (And not know it?)

Did you know that food is cooked with up to 5 different types of oil? Do you know what they are? Where they come from? What they are made of?  Well, it may not be the food that is hurting you, but the type of cooking oil that they are using.  I will chat here about some of them, and how they can be the reason behind your bloating, nausea, constipation, and who knows what else. COTTONSEED OIL Known for:  Being the most widely and commercially used oil, like, ever. Used for: Everything with long shelf life:  bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, chips. Also used in salad dressing and margarine.  Just think anything that needs to be preserved in a shelf. Made from: The seeds of the cotton plant- as in, “not a food” cotton. Bad rap: Cotton plants are sprayed with chemicals. Cotton is not edible. This oil goes through a crazy hydrogenation process that keeps it solid when normal liquids would not be solid.  It preserves food for unnaturally long period of time. Said to cause: rash, bloating, diarrhea, hypotension, and a series of other allergic reactions. GRAPESEED OIL Known for:  Cosmetic uses, mainly.Used for: Its use in oil-based spreads such as mayonaise and salad dressings, “artisian oil infusions” and other fancy things.Made from: Seeds of grapes…BUT–(read next point)Bad rap: The extraction process involves pasteurization and chemical lacing. because, well, there may not be that much oil in grape seeds in the first place. Read more about it here . Lots of unnatural processes trying to squeeze those seeds out. Said to cause: allergic reactions, mainly due to the chemical lazing. Plus, this oil is pretty high in polysaturated fat. That is no bueno. CANOLA See, this is where the “hype” goES all wrong. First, know that Canola is not a plant or a food. It is the name of the company that first Frankenmade this oil: The Canadian Oil, Low Acid Company, or CanOLA.Known for: Beng “hip.” Also for its use in the famous recipe for Amish bread and other so-called healthy foods. Used for:  So-called health nuts that claim that this product is healthy.Made from: RapeseedBad rap: It was once used as an industrial oil and this company of Canadians made it into an edible version. Let’s repeat: This used to be machine oil and got reconstituted to put in your salad. Bad rap 2: Rapeseed is highly toxic. The Frankenscientists from CanoLa extracted the bitterness and toxins out so you can eat it. Read more.Bad rap 3: It is not natural!Said to cause: Obesity, high cholesterol and all things associated to body allergies. COCONUT OIL Known for: Proven medicinal uses

Source: Allergic to your cooking oil? (And not know it?)

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