Using Kidspiration2

Kidspiration 2 and Pixie are one of many  graph programs for  younger students, which stemmed from Inspiration,  its “grown up” counterpart.



I have used the method of LingTECHguistics* to introduce vocabulary in full, second language immersion through a sustained affective stimulus in the form of a hands-on computer project.

This is the product of the hard work:


Grade level: K, 1

Objective: To connect the name of the season to its symbols

To reinforce sound with print through writing

Process:      For this project, I had already made the template.  The students (Grade k and 1) were responsible for typing the season’s name into each of the ovals. Then, using the Spanish LingTECHlingo: Busca (search), and Pega (paste) they had to find a picture on the gallery that was connected to the season. The project took 45 minutes.



Grade Level: 2 (advanced) and 3rd

Objectives: To apply the terms they learned in the lesson on sports using the phrase “I Like” (Me gusta)

To be able to relate the sports to  symbols

To expand writing skills through typing

To use Kidspiration as technology component.

Procedure:   This group could do the process of selecting the pictures, typing, and formatting the bubbles because we had modeled previously.

Prior to the lesson, we did the traditional recognition excercise through pointing and mentioning the sports, and some TPR. Afterwards, they knew the LingTECHlingo for the directions:

Busca- search

Pega- paste

Escribe- write/type

Forma- Format/ form

The project took 45 minutes.

PROJECT 3: (Using Pixie, can also be done with Kidspiration)


Grade Level: 1,2,3

Objective: To web your favorite foods from the list that we learned.

Procedure: As an enrichment project, the students simply had to choose 10 foods from the list of nearly 50 foods learned in class. Already acquainted with the names, their job was to follow the LingTECHlingo to do the process:

Escribe- type/write

Busca- search

Pega- glue

Forma- format/form/put together

The project also took 45 minutes.

If this, or any similar projects have been of help to you, please drop me a line and tell me how you modified for the benefit of your students.

In Light,


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