Smartboard- Sample Activity for FLES

Powerpoint is one of my favorite ways to integrate the Smart or Starboard in the lesson for 21st century teaching of second languages.


I start by creating  a powerpoint where the same phrase (key to the lesson) is repeated in every slide.  In this case, my phrase was “vive en la granja” (lives in the farm). The only change in each slide will be the name of the animal.

See below how I use the smartboard for the students to

a) Learn to maneuver the Smartboard menu

b) Practice colors and directions in Spanish using Smartboard

c) Take active part in the lesson.

d) Differentiate commands and termsla3 These following two slides show two different approaches. One includes the plurality of the verb “live” in Spanish

la7This slide gives you the opportunity to call out the names of the animals and dictate a color with which they can check, underline, or identify an animal using the Smartboard.






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