The LingTECHguistics* method


LingTECHguistics* refers to the methodology of teaching a second language through task-based immersion through activities that involve technology. It is not a type of Computer Assisted Language Learnng (CALL) method, because the computer does not do the work- it is entirely a sustained discourse between the teacher ad the students, in which the computer, or whatever technology is available takes the focal point.

LingTECHguistics* came to life as the process of my dissertation took light. I noticed that when my military students came in later in the semester, it was hard for me to catch them up with formal instruction to tie them in with the rest of the kids. Hence, I developed a quick “crash course” of sustained immersion where the central task was to build a Power Point presentation on a topic they all afored: Christmas gifts.

The results of my pilot investigation, showed that it is indeed possible to fully immerse a new student in an L2 environment, and that the safety of computer usage and the affect created through the activity helps them learn and retain the same amount of verbage as the regular L2’s.

It is a valid argument to establish that any task-based and sustained affective activity can cause the same results, yet,  with LingTECHguistics, the medium of the computer also performs a second task of bringing the students towards a 21st century skills environment. It is languages and computers complementing each other, and students having the best of both worlds.

LingTECHguistics is also a resource. I managed to crete the LingTECHguistics* blog with a myriad of computer resources, theoretical foundation, and reviews for future teachers to select one of those tools and use them for their own methodologies of LingTECHguistics* in the regular classroom.

Click on the logo above, or below, and enjoy!



  1. Congratulations on this gret input.
    This a very useful resouce to enhance my lessos. I’ll definitely used it.
    LB Spanish Teacher

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